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Game room

The Game Room Club is for students who simply want to have fun and engage in a wide variety of events that could include random days designated for certain activities, club-wide trips to the Brodhead Bistro, and gaming, pool, and ping-pong tournaments. The game room is located near the bookstore on the lower level of the Student Union Building.

Any Penn State Beaver student who is in the game room for at least two hours, regularly visits the game room on a weekly basis or more, and agrees to be called upon to help organize or run club events can sign up to be part of the club. If someone does not or cannot meet these requirements, he/she can still be an associate member.

Unlike an official club member, associate members cannot vote on club affairs, but they are permitted to participate in club meetings, which are usually held twice a month during Common Hour (noon to 12:50 p.m.). Dates and topics will be posted on the Game Room door.


Advisor: BJ Bertges. bjb36@psu.edu

Check out this club's constitution to learn more.