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Job Training For Beaver County

Whether you are a job seeker in need of employment services, an employer seeking qualified employees, or a youth wishing to explore career opportunities, Job Training for Beaver County offers services to help you succeed!

Job Search Assistance

We offer a hands-on approach to job search. In our 3 day workshop, job seekers will improve their interview skills through a mock interview, write eye-catching cover letters, gain expert assistance with a professional rsume, explore job search websites on the internet, learn about employment tests, develop ways to build one's network, and find out what employers are really lloking for in today's job candidates.

The Job Search facilitators work on a one-to-one basis with all clients upon completion of the workshop to fine tune the resume, prepare customized cover letters and reference lists, and assist with a job development plan that is based on the client's unique background, skills, and interests. With these tools, the job seeker gains an increassed level of confidence to take control of his or her own job search in a knowledgeable, determined, and focused manner. And the best part is that all clients can receive professionsl assistance and guidance from the facilitators until suitable employment is found.

Occupational Skills Training

For job seekers who need to update their skills or train for a new occupation, our experienced staff can help you to assess your training needs and determine if you qualify for grant funded tuition assistance. Approved training programs can be found on the Pennsylvania CareerLink website: www.pacareerlink.state.pa.us. Computer Literacy classes are available at the CareerLink.

On-the-Job Training

If a ew employer is willing to teach you the new job skills necessary for a position with their company, you may be eligible to receive grant funding to help the employer finance your training.


Job seekers can have their basic education, occupational skills and work readiness skills assessed. Also available is the Compute-A-Match testing system.

Call 724-728-2020 for more information.
Website: Job Training For Beaver County


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