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All degree candidates are assigned an academic adviser who will help you select courses, discuss majors, identify policies, and/or discuss a variety of related topics. If you're having difficulty with a course(s), your adviser will help to guide you in any decisions about the course(s).

Advisers post their office hours for each semester. It's strongly recommended that you know your adviser's schedule as well as meet with your adviser more than once a semester. 

Any issues related to your adviser or advising in general can be discussed with Gretchen Samchuck, coordinator of the Division of Undergraduate Studies (DUS), room 102-C, Ross Administration Building, 724-773-3677.

Make sure you do research on your own, too. Try to find information, then go to your adviser and share what you've found. It's important to remember that a large portion of academic advising rests on YOU, the student! 

YOU are ultimately responsible for the academic choices you make!