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Penn State Beaver Emergency Numbers

University Police (campus phone) ext. 3888
University Police (all other phones) 724-773-3888
Or call 911

If you're not sure you have an actual emergency, please call University Police anyway. Better safe than sorry!

Provide the following information:

Your name
Location of the emergency
Clear explanation of the emergency

Don't hang up until you're told to do so!

Medical Emergencies: University Police (campus phone) Dial extension 3888
University Police (non-campus phones) 724-773-3888 OR call 911, depending upon the situation

If an ambulance is needed, ask 911 to call Medic Rescue.

Penn State Beaver University Police - Main Office Phone - 724-773-3840

Penn State Beaver University Police Officers are:

Officer Anthony Budris, Supervisor, Police Services

Officer Bryan Cattivera

Officer Davis Huang

Officer Roger Kowal

Officer Patrick Smith

Officer Marque Wiese