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To report a crime or suspicious activity, contact University Police immediately. In the event of a fire, explosion, serious injury, or illness where the need for a response from more than the University Police is obvious, please call 911 immediately. The Beaver County Emergency Services Center will dispatch the appropriate emergency service along with the University Police.

Emergency procedures are posted in every building and classroom.

University Police

Dial extension 3888 from any campus telephone. Dial 724-773-3888 from any other telephone.

Or call 911               


In the event of a fire or explosion call 911. University Police will be notified by the 911 Center.


If an ambulance is needed call 911 and ask specifically for Medic Rescue. University Police will be notified by the 911 Center.

Can't reach University Police?

In any emergency in which University Police cannot be reached, call 911.

What information should you provide?

When reporting any type of emergency, it is important that you remain calm. Give the following information clearly to the person answering the call:

  1. Name
  2. Location
  3. Explain what the emergency is – clearly.
  4. Do Not hang up the phone until you are told to do so.


The normal means of contacting University Police is to call extension 3888 from a campus telephone, or 724-773-3888 from any other telephone. This is a 24-hour number.  

Call boxes

There are also several emergency call boxes located on campus. They are located:

  • at the front door of the Library
  • at the front door of the Gymnasium
  • at the upper level door of the Ross Administration Building
  • at the lower level door of the Ross Administration Building
  • at the front door of the Police Services Building