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If there is a serious physical injury or illness on campus at any time (when the need for an ambulance is obvious), do the following:
  • If possible, administer immediate first aid as appropriate.
  • Call 911 and ask for Medic Rescue to send an ambulance if the need for one is obvious. Otherwise, call University Police at 724-773-3888. If necessary, the police will call an ambulance or contact the campus nurse. The Beaver County Emergency Services Center will notify University Police any time an ambulance is dispatched to campus. Never hesitate to call 911. 

  Beaver County Emergency Services Center…………….................................……Dial 911

            Penn State Beaver University Police……Dial extension 3888 from a campus telephone

                                                                                                              Dial 724-773-3888 from other telephones.


  • If in doubt about the seriousness of an injury or sudden illness, call the Beaver County Emergency Services Center at 911, and request that Medic Rescue send an ambulance.

Minor Injury or Illness

  • In the event of a minor injury or illness that requires attention, see the campus nurse in room 104, Ross Administration Building, or arrange for transportation to a private doctor or emergency room. You can also call University Police for assistance.
  • An incident report must be filed with Penn State Beaver Police in the event of any injury on campus.
 Employees with an on-the-job injury must: 
  • Notify their supervisor or the Business and Finance Office immediately regarding any on-the-job injuries.
  • Use heath care providers from the Penn State Beaver Workman Compensation Provider Panel.