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Do you need a speaker for your next club meeting, company retreat, or event? The faculty and staff at Penn State Beaver are available for a variety of speaking engagements, usually with no fee involved. 

To arrange for a speaker, please review the following list of our speakers' topics and areas of expertise, then contact the office of campus and community relations or call (724) 773-3815. 

Dr. Carol Schafer 
Dr. Robin Bower

Ms. Karen C. Barr 
Dr. Talha Harcar
Mr. Fred Kellinger
Mr. Dan Smith

Dr. Michael Hay

Dr. John Chapin 
Dr. Juliette Storr

Mr. James Hendrickson

Dr. Kristen L. Olson

Ms. Karen Barr

Dr. Robert Szymczak

Dr. Zhongyuan Che 
Ms. Angela Fishman
Dr. Chris Wu

Dr. Irene A. Wolf


Dr. Irene A. Wolf

Mr. Leo Takahashi

Mr. Kevin L. Bennett 

Dr. Robin Bower


Dr. JoAnn Chirico

Dr. Robin Bower

Dr. Carol Schafer

Dr. JoAnn Chirico 
Dr. Carol Schafer 
Dr. Irene A. Wolf

Faculty Qualifications, Research Areas, and Interests

Ms. Karen C. Barr, Senior Instructor in Business
Bachelor's degree, Nursing, Ohio State University 
Master's in Business Administration: Corporate Finance, California State University
• Finance and Taxes
• Teaching at Penn State

Mr. Kevin L. Bennett, Senior Instructor in Psychology
Bachelor’s degree, Psychology, University of Michigan
Master’s degree, Psychology, University of New Mexico
• Jealousy
• Guilt
• Male-Female Friendships

Dr. Robin Bower, Associate Professor of Spanish
Bachelor’s degree, West Chester University
Master’s degree, Latin American Literature, Columbia University
Master’s degree, Medieval and Golden Age, Columbia University
Ph.D., Columbia University
• Church / religious history
• Spanish and Latin American history, politics, and culture
• Identity construction / identity politics
• Popular religion / devotional forms
• Medieval history, culture, art, and architecture
• History of religious conflict in Medieval Europe
• Medieval interactions of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam

Dr. John Chapin, Professor of Communications
Communications Program Head
Bachelor’s degree, Education, Bloomsburg University
Master’s degree, Communication Studies and Mass Media, Shippensburg University
Doctorate, Communication, Information and Library Studies, Rutgers University
• Mass communication (radio, television, film, journalism, etc.)
• Research in health communication, safe sex campaigns
• Domestic violence prevention education
• Violence and sex in television, film, video games

Dr. Zhongyuan Che, Associate Professor of Mathematics
Bachelor’s degree, Mathematics, Shandong University ( China )
Master’s degree, Mathematics, Shandong University ( China )
Master’s degree, Computer Science, Wesleyan University
Ph.D., Mathematics, Wesleyan University
• Graph theory and combinatorics
• Probabilistic method

Dr. JoAnn Chirico, Senior Instructor in Sociology
Bachelor’s degree, English / Biology, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Master’s degree, Elementary Education, University of Pittsburgh
Ph.D., Sociology and Education, University of Pittsburgh
• Social problems
• Globalization, political struggles, intrasocietal violent conflict
• Irregular warfare
• Global and domestic inequality
• General culture and lifestyle issues

Dr. Angela Fishman, Instructor in Mathematics
Bachelor’s degree, Wichita State University
Master’s degree, Wichita State University
Ph.D., Engineering, Wichita State University
• Data Envelopment Analysis
• Site location problems
• Reliability

Dr. Talha Harcar, Professor of Marketing
Bachelor’s degree, Marketing, Istanbul University (Turkey)
Master’s degree, Marketing Research, Istanbul University
Master’s in Business Administration, University of Massachusetts
Ph.D., Business Administration
• Marketing Research
• Database Marketing
• International Business
• Any topics on Turkey, Turkish culture and life

Dr. Michael Hay, Associate Professor of Chemistry
Bachelor’s degree, Chemistry, Bowling Green State University
Master’s degree, Chemistry, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Ph.D., Chemistry, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
• Chemical spills
• Environmental issues
• Chemistry or biochemistry in the news

Mr. James Hendrickson, P.E., Instructor in Engineering
Bachelor’s degree, Mechanical Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University
Master’s degree, Mechanical Engineering, University of Pittsburgh
Post M.S. Studies, University of Pittsburgh

Mr. Fred Kellinger, Lecturer in Business
Bachelor’s degree, Chemistry, Princeton University
Master’s degree in Business Administration, University of Pittsburgh
• Assistive Technology
• Cognitive Rehabilitation
• Starting / owning a Small Business
• Start-up Business
• Entrepreneurship

Dr. Kristen Olson, Associate Professor of English
Bachelor’s degree, English, Colby College
Master of Liberal Arts degree, English and American Literature and Language, Harvard University
Master’s degree, English and American Literature and Language, Case Western Reserve University
Ph.D., English and American Literature and Language, Case Western Reserve University
• Shakespeare
• English Literature
• Poetry
• Children’s Literature
• Fiction
• Literary / Critical Theory
• 16th and 17th century history and culture of England
• Anglo-Saxon and Medieval through modern British history
• Anglo-Saxon folklore
• Queen Elizabeth I (research specialty)
• Classical or Modern theatre
• Language and Linguistics
• Cultural Linguistics
• Cognitive Science pertaining to Language
• Relation of language and the visual arts

Dr. Carol Schafer, Associate Professor of Theatre, Integrative Arts, and Women’s Studies
Bachelor’s degree, Theatre, Western Carolina University
Master’s degree, Theatre, University of South Carolina
Ph.D., Aesthetic Studies, University of Texas at Dallas
• Contemporary American theatre
• Women and art
• Issues about violence against women

Mr. Dan Smith, Instructor in Business
Bachelor’s degree, Public Policy and Management and German, Carnegie Mellon University
Master’s degree, Management and Policy Analysis, Carnegie Mellon University

Dr. Juliette Storr, Associate Professor of Communications
Bachelor’s degree, Mass Communication, University of Windsor
Master’s degree, Radio-Television-Film production
Certification, Contemporary History, Contemporary History Institute, Ohio University
Ph.D., Mass Communication, Ohio University

Dr. Robert Szymczak, Associate Professor of History
Bachelor’s degree, History / Education, West Virginia University
Master’s degree, History, West Virginia University
Master’s degree, Liberal Studies, Duquesne University
Doctorate of Arts, History, Carnegie Mellon University
Certificate of Study: Jagiellonian University, Krakow (Poland)
Fellowships: Yale University, Princeton University (twice), University of Pennsylvania
• Modern Eastern Europe
• U.S. Ethnic History
• U.S. Diplomatic History
• World War II
• The Cold War
• The Holocaust
• The Soviet Era

Mr. Leo Takahashi, Assistant Professor of Physics
Bachelor’s degree, Physics, William Jewell College
Master’s degree, Physics, Southern Illinois University
• Science Teaching
• Physics Education

Dr. Irene A. Wolf, Senior Instructor in Philosophy
Bachelor’s degree, Philosophy and Psychology, College of St. Benedict
Master’s degree, Philosophy, Duquesne University
Ph.D., Philosophy, Duquesne University
• Diversity, culture, and advocacy
• Importance of altruism
• The art of happiness in life
• The good life and tolerance and patience in life
• Women’s issues
• Value of reflection and meditation in life

Dr. Chris Wu, Professor of Mathematics
Bachelor’s degree, Mathematics, Guizhou University (China)
Master’s degree, Mathematical Sciences, The Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chengdu (China)
Ph.D., Applied Mathematics, University of Arizona
• Mathematics