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In Pennsylvania, the Professional Engineer and Fundamentals of Engineering examinations are held annually in April and October. 

Applying to take the PE examination - Persons wishing to take an examination must submit their application to their state licensing board by the deadlines established by the board.  In Pennsylvania, the application deadlines are: December 1, for the April exam. and July 1, for the October exam. 


For complete Pennsylvania PE eligibility requirements and application instructions, see https://www.pcshq.com/?page=engineeringandrelatedfields,PA-pe.

General information about both examinations
- The Pennsylvania State Registration Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors and Geologists has engaged Professional Credential Services, PCS, for application processing, examination administration, and score reporting of the engineering and land surveying examinations. Engineering Examination Services, a division of PCS, coordinates the examinations. If you want to apply to take the engineer and land surveyor examinations in Pennsylvania or if you have specific questions, contact:

Professional Credential Services (PCS)

Engineering Examination Services
PA Engineering Coordinator
PO Box 198728
Nashville, TN 37219
Phone: 877-ENG-EXAM (877-364-3926) or 615-880-4226
Fax: 615-846-0153
Email: paengcord@pcshq.com

Please remember that, even though the examinations are standardized nationally, each state still administers its own licensing process.  Therefore, rules and procedures (for example, who can take the examinations, experience requirements, etc.) can, and do, vary across states.  Please be sure that you understand the requirements for the state in which you want to be licensed.  If you have any questions about a state's rules, contact that state's licensing board for clarifications - click here for links to all state boards.  For a direct link to the web page for the Pennsylvania State Registration Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geologists, click here.

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