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Carl Bartuch

On the evening of January 19, 2011, Carl Bartuch ’75 Bus sat in the stands of the Penn State Beaver gymnasium and watched as the Penn State Beaver men’s basketball team battled Penn State Greater Allegheny

It had been about 40 years since Bartuch had been on campus, but the gym was a fitting locale for the man who recently donated $100,000 to Penn State Beaver to help construct the new Wellness Center addition onto the gym.

As the Beaver men defeated Greater Allegheny 74-60, it proved to be a satisfying ending to an important day in Bartuch’s life.

A few hours earlier, in the presence of family and friends as well as campus alumni, advisory board members and administrators, Bartuch was honored as the recipient of the 2010 Penn State Beaver Outstanding Alumni Award.

The award, sponsored by the Penn State Beaver Alumni Society, recognizes alumni who have distinguished themselves through career achievements, community involvement, and involvement with the campus.

Bartuch surely fits the bill.

A native of Industry, Pa., Bartuch attended Beaver for two years and graduated from Penn State University Park in 1975 with a degree in accounting.

He now lives in Houston and owns High Tech Finishing, the world’s leading supplier of high quality metal plating finishes for high-end business and luxury aircraft interiors.

A self-professed candy lover, he also owns Kegg’s Candies, a Houston-based manufacturer of gourmet chocolates, and Bartuch Holdings Ltd., an acquisition investment vehicle.

Though Bartuch has made a successful life for himself in Texas, he hasn’t forgotten his roots. He has continued to support Penn State Beaver through scholarship donations and, most recently, the gift for the Wellness Center.

“This is home to me. That played a big role in wanting to help out the campus as much as I could,” Bartuch said.

“It brings a lot of great feelings knowing that for decades students will be able to enjoy a new wellness center.”

The trip to Penn State Beaver to accept the award was only the second time Bartuch had been back on campus in the past 40 years. His brief tour of campus was a trip down memory lane.

“I lived with a bunch of entertaining individuals here,” Bartuch recalled. “We would go to the dances held on campus, play softball together and go off campus for pizza and hot dogs on the weekends. I was only here for two years, but I have lasting memories.”

Mike Mooney ’76 H&HDM was one of those entertaining individuals. Mooney, a member of the campus Advisory Board, attended the dinner honoring Bartuch.

Mooney, who has remained friends with Bartuch since their days together at Beaver, recalled that Bartuch had a knack for entertaining him and the other guys who lived on campus.

“Carl’s room was right across from mine and whenever I needed a good laugh I went to see him,” Mooney said. “His sense of humor and ability to entertain people was special.”

Mooney knew Bartuch would be successful.

“Carl was very personable and very diligent. You could tell he had leadership qualities back then,” Mooney said.

Bartuch credits his career success to his time at Penn State.

“Most successes are years in the making. Mine was no different from that. It’s during the early stages of college where I built my foundation and became committed to reaching my goals.”

“The Penn State degree equals commitment, dedication and hard work. The degree goes a long way to gaining success,” Bartuch said.