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Scholarships at Penn State Beaver are sponsored by donors who believe that Beaver students can make a difference in the world.

These donors' gifts help to pay for a student's education, although usually the donor doesn't know the student they're assisting. In return, students owe their benefactors nothing but gratitude.

Beaver campus scholarship recipients are expected to acknowledge their benefactors with a thank-you note. All donors greatly appreciate hearing from their scholarship recipients and are truly interested in knowing of the student's interests and progress. When donors know their contributions are making a difference in the lives of students, they're encouraged to continue their financial support through continued scholarships and awards.

Beaver campus scholarship recipients will be contacted by the campus Scholarship Committee and provided with the name(s) of the donor(s) who have made their scholarship(s) possible. All thank-you letters must be returned to Gail Gray, Beaver campus student aid coordinator, 113 Student Union Building, 724-773-3803.

Scholarship or award donor information may be obtained by contacting Gail Gray or by contacting Diana Patterson, Beaver campus director of development, 724-773-3558.

Here is a suggested outline of how to craft a letter of thanks:


[Donor Address]

Dear [Donor's Name - Use Dr., Mr., Mrs., Mr. and Mrs., Ms., etc. - Do not use first names.],

Paragraph 1: Thank your donor for his/her/their generosity in providing you with funds, and tell the donor how this scholarship makes a difference in your education.

Paragraph 2: Tell the donor where you're from, why you chose to attend Beaver campus, and what your major is.

Paragraph 3: Talk about your plans after you've completed your education.

Paragraph 4: Thank the donor once again.


[Your name and signature]