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Claire Wang

Wenjiao “Claire” Wang

Hometown: Xi An, Shaanxi China
Major: Enterprise Risk Management
Class of 2017

Are you a resident or commuter?

I am a resident.

What are you involved in?

Lion Ambassadors, THON, Blue & White Society, International Student Association

What's your favorite class?

I really like economics with Dr. Mookerjee. He is such a fun professor and he gives a lot of statistics and examples in class to help us understand.

What’s your favorite food in the Bistro?

It’s a tie between the chocolate chip pancakes, salmon, and Moroccan shrimp.

What’s your Penn State Story?

When I was only 16, I traveled from my home in China to Utah to attend school in the States. As you can imagine, that’s a very young age to move by yourself from one side of the globe to the other. My mom always said that she had never thought about studying abroad when she was 16 because she wouldn’t have been able to handle the change, but that didn’t stop me. I honestly don’t know how I did it, but I do know that I really enjoyed being in America and that this was where I wanted to attend college.

My friend and I have always wanted to study at Penn State and have talked about it since we were in high school, so I was very excited when I got accepted to Penn State. When I originally applied to Penn State, I had the opportunity to start at the University Park campus, but I was afraid of the transition for my first year. I spoke with an admissions counselor at University Park, and he suggested that I attend one of Penn State’s smaller campuses for my first two years and then finish at University Park through the 2+2 program. I’m from a big city in China, and I’m used to the big city life, with lots of people and a lot to do, so when I saw that there was a campus near Pittsburgh, I decided that Penn State Beaver would be a good fit for me.

So here I am now in my second semester on campus, and I love it! I like that during the week I can concentrate on school and assignments and don’t have to worry about being distracted. On the weekends I go out and have fun with my friends. I love going to downtown Pittsburgh or out to eat. The campus offers a shuttle over the weekends to different places around the area.

It may seem like the routine of my life here is a bit dull, studying during the week and going out on the weekends, but it’s actually a lot of fun! There aren’t many distractions, so it’s easy to concentrate, but student life always has activities going on as well, so if you want to do something, you can. Let’s just say that you’ll never be bored if you live on campus.

When it comes to academics, Penn State Beaver is the best. I have a good relationship with my professors. They know my strengths and weaknesses and try their best to help me understand and learn the material. I also like the small class sizes and that every professor has office hours if you want to ask them questions or need help. I’d say I’ve had a very successful transition from high school to college. Deciding to attend Penn State Beaver was my first step in going to college, and I am very thankful that I did. I love Penn State!

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