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John Fletcher and Dr. Ana B. da Luz Fontes

John Fletcher

Hometown: Rochester, PA
Major: Psychology
Class of 2016

Are you a resident or commuter?

I am a commuter

What are you involved in?

I do psychology research with Dr. Ana B. da Luz Fontes.

What’s your favorite class?

As a psychology major, I would say one of my psychology classes. I also enjoy biology, since they are pretty related.

In high school, I thought that college was the time to achieve and dream. My first year at Penn State was like entering a new world and with this new world a new me. This was my time to discover who I was and become a better me.

My freshman year, I tried to make a good bond with my professors. I wanted to become friends with them, so that I would have the best chance of succeeding. I didn’t desire to be “hip,” I just wanted to learn. During a faculty and student dinner, I dared to ask my psychology professor, Dr. Ana B. da Luz Fontes, to join her research team. She wiped the pizza grease from her mouth and, with a clean smile said, “We will meet Thursday.” A few years later and now I assist her in her research projects, which include learning about bilingual word recognition, running experiments, and designing and pioneering my very own experiments with her guidance.

Conducting research at Penn State Beaver is fun and exciting. It allows you to utilize what you learn in class and build your resume with real-world experience. Seeing your work impact others and provide answers to everyday problems is really gratifying. It’s helped me further myself in many ways, allowed me to bond with students and faculty, and given me a chance to show the world what I can do.