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Communications student Dan Fisher stands in the entryway to the Student Union Building.

Daniel Fisher 

Hometown: Economy, PA 
Major: Corporate Communications 
Class of 2015 

Are you a resident or commuter?

I am a commuter. 

What are you involved in?

Baseball, IST Club 

What’s your favorite class?

The history of the Beatles!

My Penn State Story

I’m a transfer student from Kent State University. While I was there, I paired up with another student to create a business called Campus Shift. Campus Shift is an online textbook website that helps students find textbooks at discounted prices. It’s like kayak.com for textbooks.

As time went on, being an entrepreneur took over my life, and I decided to stop going to school and direct my attention towards the business. In 2012, I moved back home to Pennsylvania and continued working for Campus Shift. Having never graduated from Kent State, I knew that I wanted to earn a degree as a backup to my business and to better myself. Living in western Pennsylvania, I knew there were several options of places I could attend. 

I chose Penn State Beaver because it was close to home and had a name and academic reputation that’s known all around the world. I’ve been here for over a semester now, and I absolutely love it. I chose to study corporate communications because I think it will help with my responsibilities at Campus Shift. I also plan on taking some business classes as well. 

As a transfer student, sometimes it’s hard to feel like you belong, but my first semester at Penn State Beaver, I got involved with the campus baseball team and recently joined the IST Club as well. Now I really feel like I’m a part of the Penn State family. 

I have encountered many twists and road blocks throughout my educational journey, but I’m happy with where I ended up. After graduation, I plan to keep working with Campus Shift as well as another local start-up called Cellhelmet.

I’m excited to see what will happen next! 

Dream big. Work hard!