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David McGarry

David McGarry playing basketball

Originally from Poland, Ohio, David McGarry moved to Las Vegas for a new experience.

Amidst the glitz and glamour, McGarry did every kind of construction work imaginable, including tiling the floors of casinos such as the Bellagio.

“The money was good in Vegas, but the work was hard. Manual labor is rough. You get really sick of it after awhile,” McGarry told The Roar last spring.

The lure of playing college basketball brought him back close to home and led him on his current track to finishing his college degree.

McGarry said he knew where to go to attain a highly recognized degree. “It’s the name, Penn State. When I go back west everyone will know that name and know I have a great degree.”

When he made the decision to get a psychology degree, Penn State Beaver was the obvious choice, he said. 

“My brother had a great experience at Penn State, and everyone in Vegas knows that name. I knew it would be the best college for me,” McGarry said. 

Once McGarry, a two-year recipient of the Dr. Donna J. Kuga Trustee Scholarship, was accepted, he packed his bags and moved to Monaca. 

As an adult student, McGarry has the distinction of being the oldest starting forward on the men’s basketball team, helping lead his team to back-to-back Penn State University Athletic Conference championships.

“I’m looking forward to returning to Las Vegas,” McGarry said. “I know the education I’m getting from Penn State Beaver is worth the wait.”


Originally written by Abigail Pflugh for the Penn State Beaver Nittany News magazine, Fall 2010