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Pradeep Karunanidhi

Padeep Karunandhi at the Rock and Roar Music Festival

When Pradeep Karunanidhi came to Penn State Beaver as a freshman, he never expected to be so actively involved in campus life. And he’s enjoying every minute of it.

He applied to many schools, but when he was offered the Chancellor’s Award as a freshman, he said that helped him choose Penn State Beaver.

As a business major and now president of the Student Government Association (SGA), Karunanidhi has many responsibilities, but his first priority is to do well in school. 

According to Karunanidhi, who also received the John L. Walters Memorial Award, it takes a very responsible person to handle the role of SGA president. When he was first approached about the position, he admits he was hesitant. 

“But being SGA president definitely supports my goal. I am required to maintain a good grade-point average,” Karunanidhi said.

As president, he is in charge of 27 SGA members who take on important roles around campus, such as starting new clubs, planning programming, improving on-campus recycling, and adding variety to the Brodhead Bistro menu.

“My goal as SGA president is to get students involved and keep students involved,” Karunanidhi said. 



Originally written by Abigail Pflugh for the Penn State Beaver Nittany News magazine, Fall 2010