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Meet some of our faculty

Karen Barr
Kevin Bennett
Dr. Robin Bower
Dr. Cassandra Miller-­Butterworth
Dr. John Chapin
Dr. Michael Hay
Jim Hendrickson
Michelle Kurtyka
Tiffany MacQuarrie
Dr. Mari Pierce
Dr. Juliette Storr
Dr. Robert Szymczak
Leo Takahashi
Dr. Keith Willson
Dr. Chris Wu


Penn State Beaver has outstanding, diverse faculty, many of whom are recognized nationally and internationally in their disciplines.

Beaver faculty bring exciting new developments from their fields into the classroom and are always at the forefront of national trends in order to bring hands-on, student-centered, active-learning techniques into the classroom. They're committed to collaborative work, including challenging discussions in class, team projects, multi-media presentations, and interactive Web use.

Our faculty welcome opportunities to incorporate internships, service learning projects, and community involvement into their courses and programs because employers continue to look very closely for these experiences in applicants' resumes.