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CAS 202 (GS) Introduction to Communication Theory (3)
Survey of human communication studies in relational, interpersonal, group, organization, intercultural, health, technology, and communication systems. Effective: Spring 2003

CAS 252 Business and Professional Communication (3)
Interviewing, briefing, conferring, and decision making; analyzing and evaluating formal and informal patterns of communication in organizations.
Effective: Spring 2003

COMM 100 (GS) The Mass Media and Society (3)
Mass communications in the United States: organization, role, content, and effects of newspapers, magazines, television, radio, books, and films. Effective: Spring 2002

COMM 260W News Writing and Reporting (3)
News and news values; legal and ethical problems of reporting; writing and reporting news for the mass media.
Effective: Spring 2004 Prerequisite: ENGL 015 or ENGL 030, COMM 160; third-semester standing and typing proficiency.

COMM 403 Law of Mass Communications (3)
Nature and theories of law; the Supreme Court and press freedom; legal problems of the mass media. Effective: Fall 1986 

COMM 409 News Media Ethics (3)
Ethical problems in the practice of journalism; principal public criticisms of news media; case study approach.
Effective: Fall 2006 

COMM 460W Reporting Methods (3)
Techniques in reporting news and trends at the local, regional, and county levels. Emphasis on both deadline and interpretive reporting. Effective: Fall 1990 Prerequisite: COMM 260W  

COMM 494 Research Project Courses (1-12)
Supervised student activities on research projects identified on an individual or small-group basis. Effective: Spring 1994 

COMM 495 Internship (1-3 per semester/maximum of 6)
Supervised practicum with newspapers, broadcasting stations, public relations, and advertising agencies.
Effective: Spring 2008 Prerequisite: Continuing student majors in the College of Communications; departmental approval 

 IST 110 (GS) Information, People and Technology (3)
The use, analysis, and design of information systems and technologies to organize, coordinate, and inform human enterprises. Effective: Summer 2005 

MKTG 301 Principles of Marketing (3)
Focuses on customer behavior, product, channels of distribution, promotion, and pricing with emphasis on a culturally diverse environment. Not available to students who have taken B A 303. Effective: Spring 2008
Prerequisite: ENGL 015, MATH 021, ECON 002 or ECON 004

MKTG 310 Public Relations and Marketing (3)
Examination of the role of public relations in a company's efforts to manufacture and market its products and services.
Effective: Spring 2008 Prerequisite: B A 303 or MKTG 301