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Packing everything you'll need at college can be difficult. Save time and space by ordering online, and your items will ship directly to campus!

Residence Hall Linens


Residence Hall Linens makes shopping for your college needs easy! 

Simply order online, and your items will be shipped directly to campus! Everything will be waiting for you when you arrive on Move-in Day. Using this service saves you time and space in packing, plus it helps you to avoid a trip to the store(s) after a long flight to campus. 

In addition, because you're a Penn State Beaver student, you can save $20 off any Value Pack when you use discount code SAVE20PBE.

Available items include bedding, towels, shower caddy, organizational storage systems, decorations, and much more!

Just visit www.rhl.org/pbe, check out the selection, and shop!